This article walks you through the steps to set Raaft up on your site. 

Before you begin - be sure to use the correct mode for the site you are configuring.

Create and Activate a Retention Flow

Start by configuring the series of screens you want your subscribers to see when they are considering cancellation.

In the left menu, click Retention Flows then Create New Retention Flow

Configure, name and save your Retention Flow.

Click Make Active in the dropdown menu next to your newly created flow.

Add the plugin to your Saas

Navigate to Site Settings either by clicking on arrow in the upper right or by clicking Connect to your site in the Get Started Checklist.

The setup wizard allows you to copy pre-customized code for your app. Be sure you are viewing the code for the correct environment. 

Copy the embed code and paste it before the </body> tag on each page of your app where you want customers to be able to initiate a cancellation.

Step 2 shows you how to calculate the security token on the server side of your application. Select your server side technology to view sample code.

Add a cancel button to your Saas

Finally, replace your cancel button's current action with a call to the Raaft javascript api ensuring to replace <processor-subscription-id> with the canceling customer's subscription id and the <security-token> with the value you just calculated:

That's It!

Raaft will immediately begin guiding canceling customers through your custom Retention Flow.

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