To connect Braintree with Raaft you should first make sure you've signed in to both Raaft and Braintree. If this is already done, go through the following steps.

1. Connecting to a Payment Processor on Raaft

The pop-up below is the usual starting point.

You can access it by selecting a Premium Response in the Flow Editor (if you're on a Free Plan account). You can also get here by going to Site Settings > Select Processor.

2. Setup Braintree Permissions

2.1. Create Raaft Role

Connecting to your Braintree account to Raaft requires the creation of a new Braintree user with Raaft specific permissions.

  • On your Braintree account go to Settings > Users and Roles and click Manage Roles

  • Create new role

  • Name the new role Raaft and grant it the following permissions:

Recurring Billing

Manage Plans, Addons and Discounts (Add/Edit/Delete)

Manage Subscriptions (Add/Edit/Delete)


Manage Webhooks (Add/Edit/Delete)

  • Click Create Role

2.2. Create a new user with the Raaft role

  • Go to Settings > Users and roles and click "New User"

  • Configure the new user as follows

3. Locate your Braintree credentials

For the next step, you'll need your Merchant ID, your Public Key, and your Private Key.

Find your Public Key

On your Braintree account, click My User under Account (cog icon in the top right corner).

Click API from the drop-down menu and scroll to the API Keys section

If no API keys appear, click the Generate New API Key button.

Find your Private Key

Your Private Key is beside your Public Key, so you just need to scroll to the API Keys section and click the View link located in the Private Key column.

Find your Merchant ID

Your Merchant ID is beside the two above-mentioned credentials. So you just need to scroll to the API Keys section and click View link, located in the Merchant ID column.

Important Note:

For these credentials to be validated and enable the connection, the mode (production or test) you're on the Raaft app and the Braintree platform must align.

So, if your Braintree account is in Sandbox mode, you will only be able to connect to Raaft in test mode. If, on the other hand, you have a production account on Braintree, you have to be in production mode on Raaft to validate the credentials.

You can switch between test and production modes on your Raaft profile using the toggle below or the one that is available on the sidebar.

4. Validate Credentials

After this, copy each of the Credentials and paste it into the respective text field on Raaft's page and click to connect.

And that's it! It should be as easy as that.

Note: Notifying Your App of Subscription Changes

If your app does not already respond to notifications from Braintree of changes your subscriptions, you may need to add a webhook to know when an account has been canceled.

When Raaft cancels a subscription on your behalf, Braintree will issue a braintree.WebhookNotification.Kind.SubscriptionCanceled webhook to your endpoint. This will indicate that you should mark the subscription as canceled in your app.

Braintree webhooks allow Raaft to display revenue retention totals.

Where <your-app-id> corresponds to the APP ID of your Raaft app, which you can find it on your Raaft Account > Site Settings

If you have any issues at any point, feel free to write us at or reach out via the chat on the bottom-right corner of the screen of the app.

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