Connecting to your Braintree account to Raaft requires the creation of a new Braintree user with Raaft specific permissions.

Remember that Raaft operates in two modes: Test and Production. Test mode should be connected to a Braintree Sandbox account while Production should be connected to a Braintree production account. 

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Create the Raaft Role

Login as admin to your Braintree account

Go to Settings > Users and Roles

Click Manage Roles

Create new role

Name the new role Raaft and grant it the following permissions

 Recurring Billing

  • Manage Plans, Addons and Discounts (Add/Edit/Delete

  • Manage Subscriptions (Add/Edit/Delete)


  • Manage Webhooks (Add/Edit/Delete)

Click Create Role

Create a new user with the Raaft role

Go to Settings > Users and roles

Click "New User"

Configure the new user as follows

Access API Keys for use with Raaft

Now log into Braintree as the newly created user. 

Navigate to Settings > API Keys

Click View

Use the Public Key, Private Key, and Merchant ID to connect Raaft account to your Braintree account.

Braintree Webhooks

Braintree webhooks allow Raaft to display revenue retention totals.

Navigate to Settings > Webhooks

Click Create New Webhook

Configure the new webhook with a destination URL of<your-app-id> 

Where <your-app-id> corresponds to the APP ID of your Raaft app.

Notifying Your App of Subscription Changes

If your app does not already respond to notifications from Braintree of changes your subscriptions, you may need to add a Webhook to know when an account has been canceled.

When Raaft cancels a subscription on your behalf, Braintree will issue a braintree.WebhookNotification.Kind.SubscriptionCanceled webhook to your endpoint. This will indicate that your should mark the subscription as canceled in your app.

That's it!

Now that you're connected, complete the rest of the setup process and activate your first flow to start seeing results!

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