The Feedback section contains all the data for the customers who have entered your  retention flow. This is where you can get a detailed view of who is thinking about cancellation, why people are choosing to leave, and which Responses are keeping them around. You also get a full view of any custom feedback by customers on their way out. 

Here is a closer look at the data displayed in this section. 


This gives you a quick view of what people are selection as their motivation to cancel their subscription. 


If you offer Responses, this will tell you which ones are being selected by your customers. You can change these Responses whenever you like and only offer them for the Motivators that you desire. 


This is the custom feedback that your customers leave for you just before they cancel. You can make this step optional or required on their way out. 


There are 3 possible outcomes for each customer

  • Canceled: They have canceled their subscription

  • Saved: They selected a Response and did not cancel their subscription. 

  • Incomplete: They entered the Retention flow, but did not cancel their subscription or select a Response.

Search & filter in this view

You can filter this section by Step Reached, which includes the following:

  • Cancel page visited (this is everyone)

  • Motivator selected

  • Feedback given

You can also filter by the Outcome, which includes:

  • Saved

  • Subscription Canceled

  • Incomplete

  • Any

Lastly, you can search the entire feedback section by any text field that appears. 

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