Connecting to your Recurly account is as simple as entering a Private API Key and Subdomain into Raaft.

We recommend creating a unique API key for Raaft. To do so, follow these steps.

Create Raaft Specific API Key

Log into your Recurly account and navigate to Integrations > API Credentials

and click on Add Private API Key

Enter the details of the new key.

For KEY NAME, enter a name that will remind you that this key is being usedf to connect to Raaft.

Under APPLICATION USING THIS KEY select "Other..." and enter the name "Raaft"

Now you have a new API Key. 

You will also need your Recurly Subdomain.

Finding Your Recurly Subdomain

Your Recurly subdomain can be located under Configuration > Site Settings in the Account Information section:

With your API Key and Subdomain, you are ready to connect to Raaft!

Now that you're connected, complete the rest of the setup process and activate your first flow to start seeing results!

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