To connect Recurly with Raaft you should first make sure you've signed in to both Raaft and Recurly. If this is already done, go through the following steps.

1. Connecting to a Payment Processor on Raaft

The pop-up below is the usual starting point.

You can access it by selecting a Premium Response in the Flow Editor (if you're on a Free Plan account). You can also get here by going to Site Settings > Select Processor.

To connect to Recurly, you need to fill in the text fields with your Subdomain and API Key.

2. Creating a Private API Key on Recurly

In your Recurly account, you'll create an API key specifically for Raaft to use.

  • Head to the API Credentials page in your Recurly account

  • Click on Add Private API Key at the top right corner

  • Set up your new API like in the screenshot below and click Save Changes.

Note: Do not make the key "Read-Only" so that Recurly can use Raaft to update your Recurly account.

After saving it, the API key is generated and you'll be able to copy and paste into Raaft 's pop up.

3. Finding your Recurly Subdomain

  • On the menu, click on Configuration > Site Settings

  • Copy the Subdomain

In this case, the subdomain is "Raaft", which goes before the SLD.

  • Paste both API Key and Subdomain into the Raaft page and click on "Connect Recurly".

And that's it! It should be as easy as that.

If you have any issues at any point, feel free to write us at or reach out via the chat in the bottom-right corner of the screen of the app.

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