When you create your retention flow, you have the ability to allow your customer to change to a different plan that you offer. This is a valuable tool to keep customers from churning. Customers may want to downgrade to a cheaper plan that suits their needs better, or upgrade to a higher plan that gives them more features. Either way, you can give them the choice right in your retention flow before they decide to leave. Here's how:

Select 'Change Plans' as your response

This response can be set to any motivator. Simply select it from the dropdown in the responses step when building your retention flow. 

Set the details for your response

Choose the plans you would like to offer. Plans must already exist with your payment processor to show up in the drop down menu. 

(Raaft already knows which plan your customer is on, so it won't be offered as an option to change)

Customize the confirmation step

After selecting a new plan, your customer will see a final confirmation screen. You can customize this to provide additional information or just say thanks. 

As always, any customer who changes plans will show up in your dashboard immediately so you can see what's working best to keep people around.

And that's it. Go start saving more customers! 

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