Customers At-risk

Customers At-risk

This page is designed to help you spot and manage customers who might be on the verge of leaving.
It gives you valuable insights into how customers are behaving, allowing you to take steps to keep them around.
This feature is all about identifying customers who've shown signs of wanting to leave, like missed payments or engaging with the cancellation process in the last 30 days.

Key details

  • Date of the at-risk event
  • Subscriber's name and email
  • Current subscription plan
  • Risk factors for each customer
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Filter options

You can also tailor your view with easy-to-use filters:
  • By Plans: Quickly focus on specific subscription plans to assess risk factors.
  • By Risk Factors: Filter customers based on identified risk factors.
Here, you can also search by name or email and if needed, you can download the data into a CSV file.
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