Retention Offers

Retention Offers

You can make multiple offers at the moment of cancellation.
The choice of which offer to make for each given case depending on the customer segment, the cancellation reason and any other business logic.

Discount Coupons

Discount coupons are a pretty common offer for users cancelling their subscription. And for good reason, they have a pretty decent acceptance rate.
The way to set up a discount coupon via Raaft is by first creating it under your payment processor. Once it’s created, it will become available for selection in Raaft.
Stripe coupon example
Stripe coupon example
Common coupons offered include “1 Month Free” or “50% Off for 2 Months”. They’re more likely to be accepted by users who aren’t realising enough value from the product or think it might be overpriced.
It’s important the offer has a significant value for the user. It’s also important to complement the offer with some action from Customer Success.
Users who accept offers are sometimes still at-risk of cancelling in the near future. Having CS reach out to them and understand the root causes of their reason for cancellation is a crucial step to optimize the retention of those users in the long-term. You can set up a Zapier trigger to help make this easier.

Subscription Pauses

Sometimes, offering users the chance to pause their subscription for a short while might be enough to get them to stay for the long-term.
Some needs are temporary or seasonal and this offer at the right time may provide users with an option they didn’t even know was available.
Common subscription pauses offered include “Pause for 30 Days” or “Pause for 90 Days”. They’re more likely to be accepted by users who aren’t using the product enough, or users whose needs changed.

Switch Plans

Another relevant offer that can be made to cancelling users is switching plans.
There’s a big difference between users downgrading to a cheaper plan and outright cancelling their subscription. In one case they remain customers, in the other they’re lost.
In order to offer plans via Raaft, they first must exist in your payment processor account. Once this is done, they become available for selection in Raaft.
Common offers to switch plans include offering the plan immediately below the current tier of a customer or a hidden plan, only available upon cancellation. They’re more likely to be accepted by users who aren’t using the product enough, or users whose needs changed.

Call Me

Some customers while cancelling just want to speak with someone directly. They may still think the product is right for them, but for some reason they’re not able to get full value on their own.
Users that are cancelling because of technical issues or because they struggled with onboarding fully to get value out of the product are more likely to accept this offer.

Custom Link

Sometimes, redirecting users to specific pages might be the best way to retain them. You can redirect users to a specific page where they can book a meeting, check out the product roadmap or simply view support resources.

Regardless of the offer you make, it’s important to configure the copy to maximize the chance of retention.
If you have any issues at any point, feel free to write us at hello@raaft.io or reach out via the chat in the bottom-right corner of the screen of the app.