Here are some quick answers to your questions about Raaft.

What is Raaft?

Raaft is a tool to help SaaS companies understand and retain canceling customers.

How does Raaft collect feedback?

During the process of cancellation, users are asked to provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback.

How does Raaft lower churn?

Raaft helps lower churn in 2 ways:
  1. Providing options other than cancellation - some cancellations can be prevented through remediation such as discounts, personalized service, training and communication.
  1. Understanding why customers are canceling - gathering feedback from every canceling customer and incorporating it into your roadmap gives you the power to fill the gaps in your product offering.

Does Raaft take care of cancellation for me?

Yes. When a customer truly desires to cancel, Raaft will automatically process the cancellation with your processor in the background. You can specify if you want the account to be closed immediately or at the end of the current period.

What are Motivators?

Motivators help customers self-segment their primary reason for considering cancellation.
notion image
When a customer selects their primary motivator for canceling, Raaft gives you the ability to automatically respond to that objection in an attempt to retain the customer.
Evaluating motivator trends in the dashboard helps you understand if your product modifications have affected retention.

What are Responses?

Responses are your opportunity to address customer objections. Each motivator can be connected to a response in an attempt to direct the customer away from cancellation.

What is a Flow?

Raaft Flows replace your current cancellation experience with a customized user experience aimed at understanding why your subscriber is canceling and providing options to retain them.

Can I get help setting up Raaft?

Absolutely! Our support team is available to assist with implementation. Simply reach out via chat.

Can Raaft alert me when a customer starts, but doesn't finish a cancellation?

Yes! Raaft keeps track of every customer who clicks your cancel button - even if they don't complete the cancellation or accept an offer. Knowing that a customer has viewed the cancellation page can provide powerful insight into the state of the account.

How does Raaft calculate the amount of money saved?

Every customer that accepts a response rather than canceling and makes a payment within 30 days is marked as "saved". All future subscription renewals are considered "saved revenue". This gives you a simple insight into how much money you are saving with Raaft.