How Raaft works

How Raaft works

Raaft lets you implement a cancellation flow in minutes instead of weeks.
It’s a tool that allows you to plug your payment processor (ex: Stripe) and lets you design the cancellation experience without any code.
Once it’s deployed, users just follow the steps you defined and Raaft automatically updates their subscriptions.

Build your cancellation flows to retain users on auto-pilot

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Raaft is nothing more than a layer that helps you manage the cancellation of subscriptions.

How to build a cancellation flow with Raaft

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Advantages of using Raaft

There are 3 big advantages of using a tool like Raaft to manage your cancellation process:
  1. Development Resources. You can deploy a cancellation flow that has all the required functionality without actually having to build anything. By default it includes:
    1. Payment processor integration which communicates with your billing system and updates subscriptions automatically.
    2. Multiple offer types to maximize the chance of retention (pausing subscriptions, applying discounts, switching plans, etc.)
    3. Segmentation logic. It allows you to show different cancellation experiences to users on different pricing plans, cohorts, etc.
    4. Better yet, it can be managed and owned by your Customer Success team and does not clog development every time you want to make changes to it.
  1. Reporting. Raaft provides a complete dashboard where you can view all your churn data. You can filter by plan, customer segment, flow and time period to identify patterns in churn data.
  1. Notifications. Raaft integrates with Zapier, which allows you to get notified when users are cancelling their subscriptions. Better yet, it lets you identify users that go through the cancellation flow but don’t cancel. These customers have a high churn risk but can often times still be saved if shown the right offer.