Raaft Retention Flows replace your current cancellation experience with a customized user experience aimed at understanding why your subscriber is canceling and providing options to retain them.

Your retention flow has 5 basic steps:

1: Welcome

In this step you can customize the initial pop up modal your customer sees when they first click your 'Cancel' button. Change the title, text, or buttons to say anything you'd like (you can change the colors later).

2: Motivators (and Responses)

Motivators help customers self-segment their primary reason for considering cancellation. In this step you can select what Motivator choices you want to offer your customers. You can also customize the text and Motivator names to match your brand's voice. 

Responses are your opportunity to address customer objections. Each motivator can be connected to a response in an attempt to direct the customer away from cancellation. You can customize your responses and save them for later use if you choose to. 

3: Feedback

The feedback step is simple but powerful. By giving your customers a place to voice their honest feedback as they leave, you can use their input to shape your future product. This step lets you ask your customers for their feedback. 

4: Cancellation

The cancellation step is your last message to your customer before they cancel. This is where you can remind them of cancellation logistics (losing access or storage) and customize your cancellation settings (immediately or at period end).


5: Design

In the design step you can customize the width, fonts, colors, and button styles of your Retention Flow. You can also click through the modal preview the experience from your customer's perspective (for both desktop and mobile views). 

The last step is to save your Retention Flow and when you're ready, activate it from your main Retention Flow screen. We hope this helps, and let us know if you have any other questions. 

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